Package com.trolltech.qt

Classes that implement the Qt Jambi framework.


Interface Summary
QtBlockedEnum The QtBlockedEnum annotation prevents an enum from being used as a type for properties in a QObject subclass (special rules apply to the Qt interface.) It is provided for compatibility with the underlying Qt libraries.
QtBlockedSlot The QtBlockedSlot annotation prevents a method from being used as a slot.
QtEnumerator The QtEnumerator interface servers as a base for all Qt Jambi enums and flags.
QtJambiInterface The super interface of all interface types in Qt Jambi.
QtPropertyDesignable QtPropertyDesignable specifies whether a proprety is suitable for editing in a GUI builder (e.g.
QtPropertyReader This annotation is used to mark a method as a getter for a Qt property.
QtPropertyResetter QtPropertyResetter annotates a method as being a resetter for a property.
QtPropertyUser QtPropertyUser specifies that a proprety is designated as the user-facing or user-editable property for the class.
QtPropertyWriter QtPropertyWriter annotates a method as being a setter for a property.
QUiForm Common interface for all classes generated by juic from Designer's .jui files.

Class Summary
QFlags This class manages a set of QtEnumerator values.
QNativePointer QNativePointer encapsulates a native C++ pointer.
QNativePointer.AutoDeleteMode The AutoDeleteMode enum describes how garbage collection of the QNativePointer handles the deletion of the native pointer.
QNativePointer.Type The Type enum describe the Java types that can be used by a QNativePointer.
QPair QPair keeps two generic values.
QSignalEmitter This class implements the functionality to emit signals.
QThread The QThread class extends the java.lang.Thread class and should be used when QObjects, i.e., instances of classes that inherit from QObject, are used in threads.
QtInfo This class contains static functions to query information about the Qt library Qt Jambi links against.
QtJambiObject The super class of all class types in Qt Jambi.
QtProperty Information about a property in a QObject subclass.
QVariant The QVariant class contains a set of static methods to convert between datatypes.
Utilities This class contains static members that gives information and performs Qt Jambi related tasks.
Utilities.Configuration Defines whether Qt is build in Release or Debug.
Utilities.OperatingSystem Enum for defining the operation system.

Exception Summary
ConnectionException The ConnectionException class is thrown when connecting to a signal fails.
QNoNativeResourcesException The QNoNativeResourcesException is used to indicate that the C++ native resources of a Java object are destroyed while it is still referenced in Java.
QNoSuchPropertyException Deprecated.
QPaintingOutsidePaintEventException This exception is thrown in cases where a painter is used on a widget outside its paintEvent function.
QPropertyException Deprecated.
QThreadAffinityException The QThreadAffinityException class is thrown when a QObject is used outside its own thread.

Package com.trolltech.qt Description

Classes that implement the Qt Jambi framework.