Package com.trolltech.qt.phonon

Class Summary
AudioOutput The AudioOutput class is used to send data to audio output devices.
AudioOutputDevice This class provides information about an audio output device.
AudioOutputInterface The AudioOutput class is used to send data to audio output devices.
BackendCapabilities The BackendCapabilities namespace contains functions to describe the capabilities of the multimedia backend.
Effect The Effect class is used to transform audio streams.
EffectDescription This class has no available documentation.
EffectParameter The EffectParameter class describes one parameter of an effect.
EffectParameter.Hint Only for backend developers.
EffectWidget The EffectWidget class provides a widget to control the parameters of an Effect.
MediaController The MediaController class controls optional features of a media file/device.
MediaController.Feature The values of this enum are interpreted differently depending on the type of media source, e.g., DVD or CD.
MediaNode The MediaNode class is the base class for all nodes in a media graph.
MediaObject The MediaObject class provides an interface for media playback.
MediaSource The MediaSource class provides multimedia data for media objects.
MediaSource.Type Identifies the type of media described by the MediaSource object.
Path The Path class describes connections between media objects.
Phonon The Phonon namespace contains classes and functions for multimedia applications.
Phonon.Category Sets the category your program should be listed in in the mixer.
Phonon.DiscType Enum to identify the media discs supported by MediaObject.
Phonon.ErrorType This enum describes the severity when an error has occurred during playback.
Phonon.MetaData Provided as keys for Phonon::MediaObject::metaData().
Phonon.ObjectDescriptionType This enum defines the type of information that is contained in a ObjectDescription object.
Phonon.State The state enum describes the different states a media object can take.
SeekSlider The SeekSlider class provides a slider for seeking to positions in media streams.
VideoPlayer The VideoPlayer widget is used to perform playback of video.
VideoWidget The VideoWidget class provides a widget that is used to display video.
VideoWidget.AspectRatio Defines the width.height to be used for the video.
VideoWidget.ScaleMode The ScaleMode enum describes how to treat aspect ratio during resizing of video.
VolumeFaderEffect This effect differs from gradually changing the output volume in that a dedicated effect can change the volume in the smallest possible steps while every other volume control will make more or less noticeable steps.
VolumeFaderEffect.FadeCurve Determines the curve of the volume change.
VolumeSlider The VolumeSlider widget provides a slider that is used to control the volume of an audio output device.