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Qt is the de facto standard C++ framework for high performance cross-platform software development. Qt Jambi is the Qt library made available to Java. It is an officially supported technology aimed at all desktop programmers who want to write rich GUI clients using the Java language, while at the same time taking advantage of Qt's power and efficiency.

The technology provides new possibilities for both Java and C++ programmers: It enables Java developers to take the advantage of Qt's features from within Java Standard Edition 5.0 and Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 as well as later versions. In addition, Qt Jambi also enables C++ programmers to easily integrate their Qt code with Java by providing the Qt Jambi generator.

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Any problems encountered with Qt Jambi should be reported using a bug report. Include as much information as you can about your environment and versions. If you want to join the Qt Jambi users' mailing list, send a mail to qtjambi-interest-request@trolltech.com containing the single word "subscribe". Other inquiries can be directed through the regular channels.

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