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Qt Jambi System Properties Reference

Qt Jambi provides a few system properties. Notably, the properties can be used to specify locations of native resources, e.g., libraries and Qt plugins. We present the properties in the table below.

You specify a system property on the command line to the Java VM with the -D option. For instance:

java -Dcom.trolltech.qt.verbose-loading=true -jar qtjambi.jar
com.trolltech.qt.verbose-loading When this property is true, Qt Jambi will report on all attempts to load native libraries.
com.trolltech.qt.debug When this property is set to true, the Qt debug libraries will be used. This is necessary if Qt was built with debugging turned on.
com.trolltech.qt.library-path-override This property can be used to set paths to where Qt Jambi will1 search for native libraries.
com.trolltech.qt.exclude-libraries If you start a Qt Jambi application from an already running VM, you do not want to reload the native libraries. In this property, you can separate library names that are not to be loaded with the system path separator.
com.trolltech.qt.exceptions-for-messages Installs a default QMessageHandler that produces exceptions when would normally issue a warning. This can be helpful for debuggin.

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