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Qt for X11 Requirements

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Setting up the X11 environment for Qt.

QtGui Dependencies

QtGui module and the QtCore module, which provides the non-GUI features required by QtGui, depend on the libraries described in the following table.
Configuration options
Minimum working version
XRender libXrender X Rendering Extension; used for anti-aliasing -xrender or auto-detected0.9.0
Xrandr libXrandr X Resize and Rotate Extension -xrandr or auto-detected1.0.2
Xcursor libXcursor X Cursor Extension -xcursor or auto-detected1.1.4
Xfixes libXfixes X Fixes Extension -xfixes or auto-detected3.0.0
Xinerama libXinerama Multi-head support -xinerama or auto-detected1.1.0
Xi libXi X11 Input Extensions auto-detected1.3.0
Xt libXt Xt Intrinsics0.99
Xext libXext X Extensions6.4.3
X11 libX11 X11 Client-Side Library6.2.1
SM libSM X Session Management -sm or auto-detected6.0.4
ICE libICE Inter-Client Exchange -sm or auto-detected6.3.5
glib libglib-2.0 Common event loop handling -glib or auto-detected2.8.3
pthread libpthread Multithreading 2.3.5
Note: You must compile with XRender support to get alpha transparency support for pixmaps and images.

Phonon Dependencies

As described in the
Phonon Overview, Phonon uses the GStreamer multimedia framework as the backend for audio and video playback on X11. The minimum required version of GStreamer is 0.10.

To build Phonon, you need the GStreamer library, base plugins, and development files for your system. The package names for GStreamer vary between Linux distributions; try searching for gstreamer or libgstreamer in your distribution's package repository to find suitable packages.

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