Package com.trolltech.qt.sql

Classes for database integration using SQL.


Interface Summary
QSql The QSql namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt SQL library.

Class Summary
QSql.Location This enum type describes special SQL navigation locations.
QSql.NumericalPrecisionPolicy This enum type describes at which precision levels numercial values are read from a database.
QSql.ParamTypeFlag This enum is used to specify the type of a bind parameter.
QSql.TableType This enum type describes types of SQL tables.
QSqlDatabase The QSqlDatabase class represents a connection to a database.
QSqlDriver The QSqlDriver class is an abstract base class for accessing specific SQL databases.
QSqlDriver.DriverFeature This enum contains a list of features a driver might support.
QSqlDriver.IdentifierType This enum contains a list of SQL identifier types.
QSqlDriver.StatementType This enum contains a list of SQL statement (or clause) types the driver can create.
QSqlDriverCreatorBase The QSqlDriverCreatorBase class is the base class for SQL driver factories.
QSqlError The QSqlError class provides SQL database error information.
QSqlError.ErrorType This enum type describes the context in which the error occurred, e.g., a connection error, a statement error, etc.
QSqlField The QSqlField class manipulates the fields in SQL database tables and views.
QSqlField.RequiredStatus Specifies whether the field is required or optional.
QSqlIndex The QSqlIndex class provides functions to manipulate and describe database indexes.
QSqlQuery The QSqlQuery class provides a means of executing and manipulating SQL statements.
QSqlQueryModel The QSqlQueryModel class provides a read-only data model for SQL result sets.
QSqlRecord The QSqlRecord class encapsulates a database record.
QSqlRelation The QSqlRelation class stores information about an SQL foreign key.
QSqlRelationalTableModel The QSqlRelationalTableModel class provides an editable data model for a single database table, with foreign key support.
QSqlResult The QSqlResult class provides an abstract interface for accessing data from specific SQL databases.
QSqlResult.BindingSyntax This enum type specifies the different syntaxes for specifying placeholders in prepared queries.
QSqlTableModel The QSqlTableModel class provides an editable data model for a single database table.
QSqlTableModel.EditStrategy This enum type describes which strategy to choose when editing values in the database.

Package com.trolltech.qt.sql Description

Classes for database integration using SQL.