Class QXmlLocator

  extended by com.trolltech.qt.internal.QSignalEmitterInternal
      extended by com.trolltech.qt.QSignalEmitter
          extended by com.trolltech.qt.QtJambiObject
              extended by com.trolltech.qt.xml.QXmlLocator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class QXmlLocator
extends QtJambiObject

The QXmlLocator class provides the XML handler classes with information about the parsing position within a file. The reader reports a QXmlLocator to the content handler before it starts to parse the document. This is done with the QXmlContentHandler::setDocumentLocator() function. The handler classes can now use this locator to get the position (lineNumber() and columnNumber()) that the reader has reached.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  int columnNumber()
          Returns the column number (starting at 1) or -1 if there is no column number available.
abstract  int lineNumber()
          Returns the line number (starting at 1) or -1 if there is no line number available.
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Constructor Detail


public QXmlLocator()

Method Detail


public abstract int columnNumber()
Returns the column number (starting at 1) or -1 if there is no column number available.


public abstract int lineNumber()
Returns the line number (starting at 1) or -1 if there is no line number available.