Package com.trolltech.qt.xml

Classes for handling XML.


Interface Summary
QXmlDeclHandlerInterface The QXmlDeclHandler class provides an interface to report declaration content of XML data.
QXmlEntityResolverInterface The QXmlEntityResolver class provides an interface to resolve external entities contained in XML data.

Class Summary
QDomAttr The QDomAttr class represents one attribute of a QDomElement.
QDomCDATASection The QDomCDATASection class represents an XML CDATA section.
QDomCharacterData The QDomCharacterData class represents a generic string in the DOM.
QDomComment The QDomComment class represents an XML comment.
QDomDocument The QDomDocument class represents an XML document.
QDomDocumentFragment The QDomDocumentFragment class is a tree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete QDomDocument.
QDomDocumentType The QDomDocumentType class is the representation of the DTD in the document tree.
QDomElement The QDomElement class represents one element in the DOM tree.
QDomEntity The QDomEntity class represents an XML entity.
QDomEntityReference The QDomEntityReference class represents an XML entity reference.
QDomImplementation The QDomImplementation class provides information about the features of the DOM implementation.
QDomImplementation.InvalidDataPolicy This enum specifies what should be done when a factory function in QDomDocument is called with invalid data.
QDomNamedNodeMap The QDomNamedNodeMap class contains a collection of nodes that can be accessed by name.
QDomNode The QDomNode class is the base class for all the nodes in a DOM tree.
QDomNode.EncodingPolicy This enum specifies how QDomNode::save() determines what encoding to use when serializing.
QDomNode.NodeType This enum defines the type of the node.
QDomNodeList The QDomNodeList class is a list of QDomNode objects.
QDomNotation The QDomNotation class represents an XML notation.
QDomProcessingInstruction The QDomProcessingInstruction class represents an XML processing instruction.
QDomText The QDomText class represents text data in the parsed XML document.
QXmlAttributes The QXmlAttributes class provides XML attributes.
QXmlContentHandler The QXmlContentHandler class provides an interface to report the logical content of XML data.
QXmlDeclHandler The QXmlDeclHandler class provides an interface to report declaration content of XML data.
QXmlDefaultHandler The QXmlDefaultHandler class provides a default implementation of all the XML handler classes.
QXmlDTDHandler The QXmlDTDHandler class provides an interface to report DTD content of XML data.
QXmlEntityResolver The QXmlEntityResolver class provides an interface to resolve external entities contained in XML data.
QXmlErrorHandler The QXmlErrorHandler class provides an interface to report errors in XML data.
QXmlInputSource The QXmlInputSource class provides the input data for the QXmlReader subclasses.
QXmlLexicalHandler The QXmlLexicalHandler class provides an interface to report the lexical content of XML data.
QXmlLocator The QXmlLocator class provides the XML handler classes with information about the parsing position within a file.
QXmlNamespaceSupport The QXmlNamespaceSupport class is a helper class for XML readers which want to include namespace support.
QXmlParseException The QXmlParseException class is used to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler interface.
QXmlReader The QXmlReader class provides an interface for XML readers (i.
QXmlSimpleReader The QXmlSimpleReader class provides an implementation of a simple XML parser.
QXmlStreamAttribute The QXmlStreamAttribute class represents a single XML attribute An attribute consists of an optionally empty namespaceUri(), a name(), a value(), and an isDefault() attribute.
QXmlStreamAttributes The QXmlStreamAttributes class represents a vector of QXmlStreamAttribute.
QXmlStreamEntityDeclaration The QXmlStreamEntityDeclaration class represents a DTD entity declaration.
QXmlStreamNamespaceDeclaration The QXmlStreamNamespaceDeclaration class represents a namespace declaration.
QXmlStreamNotationDeclaration The QXmlStreamNotationDeclaration class represents a DTD notation declaration.
QXmlStreamReader The QXmlStreamReader class provides a fast parser for reading well-formed XML via a simple streaming API.
QXmlStreamReader.Error This enum specifies different error cases
QXmlStreamReader.TokenType This enum specifies the type of token the reader just read.
QXmlStreamWriter The QXmlStreamWriter class provides an XML writer with a simple streaming API.

Package com.trolltech.qt.xml Description

Classes for handling XML.