Package com.trolltech.qt.xmlpatterns

An XQuery & XPath engine for XML and custom data models.


Interface Summary
QPatternist The QPatternist namespace contains classes and functions required by the QtXmlPatterns module.

Class Summary
QAbstractMessageHandler The QAbstractMessageHandler class provides a callback interface for handling messages.
QAbstractUriResolver The QAbstractUriResolver class is a callback interface for resolving Uniform Resource Identifiers.
QAbstractXmlNodeModel The QAbstractXmlNodeModel class is an abstract base class for modeling non-XML data to look like XML for QXmlQuery.
QAbstractXmlNodeModel.NodeCopySetting Controls how nodes are copied with copyNodeTo.
QAbstractXmlNodeModel.SimpleAxis Four axes that each contain one node only.
QSimpleXmlNodeModel The QSimpleXmlNodeModel class is an implementation of QAbstractXmlNodeModel sufficient for many common cases.
QSourceLocation The QSourceLocation class identifies a location in a resource by URI, line, and column.
QXmlFormatter The QXmlFormatter class is an implementation of QXmlSerializer for transforming XQuery output into formatted XML.
QXmlItem The QXmlItem class contains either an XML node or an atomic value.
QXmlName The QXmlName class represents the name of an XML node, in an efficient, namespace-aware way.
QXmlNamePool The QXmlNamePool class is a table of shared strings referenced by instances of QXmlName.
QXmlNodeModelIndex The QXmlNodeModelIndex class identifies a node in an XML node model subclassed from QAbstractXmlNodeModel.
QXmlNodeModelIndex.DocumentOrder Identifies the specific node comparison operator that should be used.
QXmlNodeModelIndex.NodeKind Identifies a kind of node.
QXmlQuery The QXmlQuery class performs XQueries on XML data, or on non-XML data modeled to look like XML.
QXmlQuery.QueryLanguage Specifies whether you want QXmlQuery to interpret the input to setQuery() as an XQuery or as an XSLT stylesheet.
QXmlResultItems The QXmlResultItems class iterates through the results of evaluating an XQuery in QXmlQuery.
QXmlSerializer The QXmlSerializer class is an implementation of QAbstractXmlReceiver for transforming XQuery output into unformatted XML.

Package com.trolltech.qt.xmlpatterns Description

An XQuery & XPath engine for XML and custom data models.