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AlertService Class Reference

Provides the Qtopia Alert service. More...

    #include <AlertService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Inherited by AlertServiceTask.

Public Slots

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Provides the Qtopia Alert service.

The Alert service enables applications to sound the audible system alert. Normally an application will use Qtopia::soundAlarm() for this.

The Alert service is typically supplied by the AlertServiceTask task in the Qtopia server, but the system integrator may change the provider of this service if the device has special hardware (e.g. a buzzer or vibration system) that can alert the user.

This class is part of the Qtopia server and cannot be used by other Qtopia applications.

See also Qtopia::soundAlarm().

Member Function Documentation

void AlertService::soundAlert ()   [pure virtual slot]

Sounds the audible system alert (once). This is used for applications such as Calendar when it needs to inform the user of an event.

This slot corresponds to the QCop service message Alert::soundAlert().

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