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Basic Widgets

These basic widgets (controls) are designed for direct use. There are also some Abstract Widget Classes that are designed for subclassing, and some more complex Advanced Widgets.

QCheckBoxCheckbox with a text label
QComboBoxCombined button and popup list
QDateEditWidget for editing dates based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QDateTimeEditWidget for editing dates and times
QDialRounded range control (like a speedometer or potentiometer)
QDoubleSpinBoxSpin box widget that takes doubles
QFocusFrameFocus frame which can be outside of a widget's normal paintable area
QFontComboBoxCombobox that lets the user select a font family
QLCDNumberDisplays a number with LCD-like digits
QLabelText or image display
QLineEditOne-line text editor
QMenuMenu widget for use in menu bars, context menus, and other popup menus
QPushButtonCommand button
QRadioButtonRadio button with a text label
QScrollAreaScrolling view onto another widget
QScrollBarVertical or horizontal scroll bar
QSizeGripResize handle for resizing top-level windows
QSliderVertical or horizontal slider
QSpinBoxSpin box widget
QTimeEditWidget for editing times based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QToolButtonQuick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a QToolBar
QWidgetThe base class of all user interface objects

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