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BluetoothServiceManager Class Reference

The BluetoothServiceManager class controls Qtopia's Bluetooth services. More...

    #include <BluetoothServiceManager>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The BluetoothServiceManager class controls Qtopia's Bluetooth services.

The Bluetooth Service Manager communicates over IPC with Qtopia's Bluetooth services in order to control and track their states and attributes. It also communicates with other parties, such as Qtopia's Bluetooth settings application, who are interested in controlling and tracking Qtopia's Bluetooth services.

The presence of the Bluetooth Service Manager provides several benefits:

Without the presence of the Bluetooth Service Manager, components such as the QBluetoothServiceController class and Qtopia's Bluetooth settings application will not function properly, as they rely on communication with the Bluetooth Service Manager in order to access and control Bluetooth services.

You can create custom Bluetooth services that will be automatically integrated into the Qtopia Bluetooth framework, and which will be accessible by the Bluetooth Service Manager, by subclassing QBluetoothAbstractService. This is how Qtopia's built-in Bluetooth services, such as BtHandsfreeService and BtHeadsetServices, are implemented.

The manager stores persistent service settings in BluetoothServices.conf. A default configuration file is provided at etc/default/Trolltech/BluetoothServices.conf. This can be modified to provide default settings for services.

See the Bluetooth Service Management Framework page for more details on the Bluetooth Service Manager's communication architecture.

This class is part of the Qtopia server and cannot be used by other QtopiaApplications.

Member Function Documentation

BluetoothServiceManager::BluetoothServiceManager ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a BluetoothServiceManager with the given parent.

BluetoothServiceManager::~BluetoothServiceManager ()


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