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Install Hints


Install hints allow many different type of installation tasks to be expressed in a simple way. While not an install hint, the EXTRA_TS_FILES variable is also used to simplify installation.

Install Hints

hint=backgroundSpecify images that should be scaled to the size of the screen
hint=contentSpecify content files that should be installed into the image
hint=dawgRegister a dawg install
hint=desktopThis is used to specify .desktop files that should have their contents put into the PREFIX database
hint=extra_tsRegister extra .ts files
hint=headersRegister a header install
hint=helpRegister a help install
hint=nctRegister non-code translatable files
hint=non_qt_headersRegister a non-Qt header install
hint=picsRegister an image install
hint=scriptInstall a script that needs to know where Qtopia is located
hint=sdkTie an install rule to instead of
hint=sxeRegister an app/script with sxe_installer
hint=themecfgSpecify a theme configuration file so that the theme's translatables strings are handled

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