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qtopiamake Options

The authorative source of the available qtopiamake options is the script itself. Here is the output of qtopiamake -help as it was when the documentation was built.

qtopiamake -help

    Usage:  qtopiamake [-release] [-debug] [-silent]
                       [project.pro] [qmake statements]

    Create Makefiles for the project tree in the current directory. A deep
    clean will not be performed. See the -clean option if you want to
    perform a deep clean.  You can specify the toplevel .pro file to use or
    qtopiamake will select one automatically. You can pass qmake statements
    to be evaluated before the .pro file.

    Note that this is the default action of qtopiamake. You can pass one of
    the flags indicated below to perform a different action.

    Usage:  qtopiamake -project

    Create a .pro based on the contents of the current directory.
    This is equivalent to qmake -project but the .pro file is suitable for
    the Qtopia build system. Note that unless you use QtopiaApplication or
    the QTOPIA_MAIN macros the project will be a Qtopia Core project by

    Usage:  qtopiamake [-release] [-debug] [-silent]
                       [-no-clean] -projectroots <directory> [directory] ...

    Create Makefiles for the indicated project trees. If configure was run
    with -clean this will deep clean each tree. If configure was run with
    -no-clean or -no-clean is passed to qtopiamake a deep clean will not be

    Usage:  qtopiamake -clean <dir>

    Perform a deep clean of a project tree.

    Usage:  qtopiamake [-release] [-debug] [-silent]
                       -multi-build <id:dir> [id:dir] ...

    Build a project tree against multiple versions of Qtopia.
    For every id:dir pair, multi-build/<id> will be created and
    <dir>/bin/qtopiamake will be run. This lets you build against multiple
    configurations and even multiple versions of Qtopia. Note that you need
    to run qtopiamake again whenever you add new files so that they can be
    symlinked into multi-build/<id>.

See also Overviews.

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