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Deciding what to build

The file projects.pri includes other files to setup the PROJECTS and THEMES variables. These variables control what is built.

These files are included from <source>/src.

These files are included from <build>/src.

It is not recommended to modify general.pri and commercial.pri. Instead you should use custom.pri and local.pri. The intent is for organization changes (that is, changes that will be part of a redistributed source package) to go into custom.pri and changes for individual developers to go into local.pri.

If you are adding projects, it is recommended to use *= to avoid the possibilty of duplicate entries. Duplicate entries can cause problems when you try to build.

    PROJECTS*=myproj # no duplicate
    PROJECTS+=myproj # duplicate

You can remove a project with -=. Note that qmake does not consider it an error to remove a non-existant value so check for spelling errors if a project you removed is still building.


You can make use of the CONFIG values that are set based on edition and configuration when adding projects. For example, a pda-specific application could be added with:


You might want to enable a project only if another project is enabled. You can check for the presence of a project with qmake's contains function.


Note that device profiles can override the project selection using a different file.

See also Tasks, PROJECTS, THEMES, and Device Profiles.

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