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Setting up Headers

The header setup process is a little complicated. configure removes the include directory when it runs. However configure runs qmake over library projects and then gets them to install their headers. To avoid random failures due to missing dependencies, configure runs make syncqtopia to get all the headers installed before attempting to compile projects.

The INSTALL rules for headers is used both to create classic headers (Qtopia 2 style) based on the .path value and Qt 4 style headers. Classic headers are provided to keep old source working. Their use is deprecated and they will be removed in a future version. The Qt 4 style headers are installed into a directory named after TARGET. Libraries should use the qt_inc() function so that their dependants get this directory added to the INCLUDEPATH automatically.

It is possible to use idep(INCLUDEPATH+=$$PWD) but this is not recommended because you cannot limit the files accessible when this method is used. You also cannot keep private headers separated from public ones.

Note that when using the Qt-style includes, private headers are available as <private/foo_p.h>.

Due to the changes in 4.2.0, non-Qt headers should be installed using the non_qt_headers hint to avoid getting put into include/classic.

See also Tasks, idep(), qt_inc(), hint=headers, Libraries, and hint=non_qt_headers.

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