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Communications: Internet: 802.11 Wireless IP support
Functional Description

Wireless IP (WLAN) support is provided by a network plug-in and allows the use of managed and ad-hoc WLAN networks .


Hardware (QTOPIA-2)

The plug-in discovers PCMCIA WLAN/LAN cards automatically and allows the configuration of a wide range of settings for network cards.

IP Settings (QTOPIA-3)

Proxy Settings (QTOPIA-4)

The following proxy settings can be specified for each WLAN connection:

Wireless Encryption (QTOPIA-6)

Qtopia supports the following wireless encryption technologies:

Wireless Settings (QTOPIA-5)

Static Configuration

A wide range of options can be configured to connect to WLAN networks including:


Todays dynamic WLAN environments require the dynamic discovery of new networks. While the user is moving new networks may become available and other networks may become obsolete/out of range. Qtopia discovers network changes dynamically and presents a summary of found hot-spots that allows the manual change from one network to the next. The user can also choose to automatically change the network which assists in situations where the current network is out of range and the user moves into an area providing a known access point.

The (W)LAN plug-in uses a wireless LAN scanner to scan the immediate environment and return the following information:

Based on this information specific configurations are created and saved. One of the most common use cases is triggered when a device returns to a familiar environment (e.g. home or office). It is possible to save and restore existing configurations.

Optional rules can be set to dynamically determine which network is used. The minimal subset of rules/actions involves the following actions:

The scanning process requires Linux Wireless Extensions version 14+.

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