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Communications: IrDA
Functional Description

Beaming is a settings application that allows the user to set-up the device to receive and send data via an integrated infra-red (IR) port.


Activate or Deactivate the IR Port (QTOPIA-671)

The infrared port can be in one of the following states:

The last two modes have the advantage that the user does not need to remember
to deactivate IR beaming after the transmissions have been completed.

Note: If the IR function is left on, more power may be used by
the device and undesired interactions with IR capable devices may take
place. It is therefore recommended that it be turned off when not needed.

The user is able to:

IrDA Remote Device Discovery (QTOPIA-669)

Devices fitted with an infra-red port may use infra-red communications (IR) to transmit and receive data with other devices, desktop computers or printers etc.. which have IR capability. In order to communicate, the devices must support device and service discovery.

The IrDA stack in the operating system performs most of the heavy lifting for these tasks. Applications can interface with the OS stack through system calls. Qtopia provides an interface for accessing this information.

Send/Receive Data (QTOPIA-670)

The user is able to

The transfer is done via OBEX protocol with IrDA reliable stream-oriented transmission protocol as the transport.
For compatibility purposes, vCards and other PIM items can be encoded in the following character encodings:

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