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Multimedia: Media Player
Functional Description


Media Browser (QTOPIA-734)

The media player allows users to browse their media library using metadata. The metadata types include artist, album and genre. These metadata types form hierarchies which the user is able to browse.

Media Player (QTOPIA-729)

The Qtopia Media Player application is used to playback music and videos. It is based on the common application framework provided by the Multimedia Architecture.

Online Help (QTOPIA-736)

The media player includes context sensitive online help.

Playback Status (QTOPIA-730)

When a music file is played the following information is displayed:

In addition the use is able to view:

Playlist Support (QTOPIA-731)

Qtopia supports the following playlist formats:

Playlists (apart from "My Shuffle") contain support for the following operations:
Queuing Songs,
Removing Songs,
Playing specific indexes,
Storage and Retrieval.

Also being based upon the QAbstractListModel class, they support most basic model functionality.

Playlists (QTOPIA-735)

The media player allows users to:

Smart Shuffle (QTOPIA-737)

Users are able to control the shuffling of tracks by voting for those they like.

Touchscreen Support (QTOPIA-733)

The media player provides touchscreen support for playback, seek and volume control. For seeking and volume the media player uses a throttle widget for precise control and operation without a stylus.

User Interface (QTOPIA-732)

The user interface takes full advantage of features available in Qt to enhance user experience. The user interface features a complex composition as well as anti-aliased rendering.

Playback of music and video now share a common simplified interface for:

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