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Functional Description

The Messages application provides the user interface to messaging in Qtopia. It provides the facility to receive emails from multiple mail servers as well as SMS and MMS messages from other mobile phone devices. It also allows email, MMS and SMS messages to be sent to multiple people with or without attachments. SMS messages are sent and received via the GSM cellular network.  MMS and email are sent and received via TCP/IP based networks, usually GPRS on a mobile phone. MMS messages are sent and received over the standard HTTP protocol. Most messages conforming to RFC2822 and RFC2045-RFC2049 are supported as are POP and IMAP authentication. Application requirements include available messaging storage on the device of approximately 1.5 times the server mailbox size and the services of an image viewer are required for viewing image attachments.


Folders (QTOPIA-780)

The following folder features are available:

Messaging API (QTOPIA-7439)

Provides an API to allow storage, retrieval and display of SMS, MMS and email messages. This API is used by Messaging clients and is also useful for applications that would like to display messages from a particular contact, for example.

Receiving messages (QTOPIA-776)

Messages can be retrieved, listed in a summary format and individually displayed.
For SMS / MMS messages this is possible without configuration,
for Email this is possible after a valid incoming account has been created by the user.

Retrieving messages (QTOPIA-783)

The following message retrieval related features are available:

Saving an attachment (QTOPIA-779)

It is possible for a user to receive a message with an attachment and select to save
it in their documents for later viewing.

Sending messages (QTOPIA-775)

It is possible for a user to compose and send an SMS / MMS to another mobile phone.
After configuring an outgoing account Email messages may be composed and sent by the user.

The following message sending- related features are available:

Storage requirements (QTOPIA-784)

Downloading a complete mailbox from the server uses approximately 1.5 times the server mailbox size is required on a device. During download of individual messages one copy of the message is temporarily created on the devices storage during download. While sending, an amount of RAM equal to the size of the message including attachments is used.

Viewing an embedded image (QTOPIA-778)

It is possible for a user to receive and view a message with an
image either attached or embedded.

Viewing messages (QTOPIA-781)

The following features are available:

Writing messages (QTOPIA-782)

The following writing-related features are available:

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