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User Interface: Display: Multiple Displays
Functional Description


Different Backgrounds (QTOPIA-882)

Generally, the secondary display is smaller. Qtopia supports using a different wallpaper image for the secondary display.

Multiple Qt Displays (QTOPIA-881)

Qtopia Core supports multiple displays via the QDesktopWidget API. Qtopia utilizes this feature to display status information on the secondary display using the same theming functionality used in the primary idle screen. A secondary call screen displays incoming and active call information.

Phone Status Information Access (QTOPIA-880)

QPhoneStatus provides status information about the phone, e.g.
signal strength, incoming calls, etc. This makes development of
secondary status displays much easier as the data most likely to
be needed is easily available from the one class. The class is
easily extensible, whilst still maintaining binary compatibility,
allowing additional status information to be provided without
impacting 3rd party applications.

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