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Functional Description


Package Browsing and Installation (QTOPIA-1346)

Package Browsing

The user may connect to a remote HTTP server and be presented with a list of downloadable packages. The details of these packages may be perused so the user can make an informed decision on whether to download a package.

Packages which are not compatible with the version of Qtopia running on the device and the device type are filtered out during package browsing and are not installable.

Install package

A selected package may be downloaded and installed onto the device.

Re-enable Packages (SXE only) (QTOPIA-1348)

If packages are disabled by SXE they may be re-enabled, which allows them to be run again.

SXE Package Processing (QTOPIA-1351)

When SXE is enabled, the packagemanager will perform extra security related tasks during the installation and uninstallation of packages including:

Uninstall Packages (QTOPIA-1347)

Packages may be uninstalled, which removes them from the file system and from the launcher

Web Browser Integration (QTOPIA-1345)

With minimal modification, web browsers can be integrated with Package Manager so that when a link is selected, the Package Manager's installation functionality is invoked. This allows package browsing and installation via a content provider's website.

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