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Enablers: Printing
Functional Description

Qtopia provides a printing solution using Bluetooth to print various file formats with applications such as Contacts, Notes, and Messages providing a consistent user interface. Printing supports Simple Push Transfer Model of Basic Printing Profile and print content is transferred to the printer using OBEX PUT request. While XHTML printing is supported, supported file formats are restricted by the capability of the printer. When the user requests to print a file, the print server will display the available printing mechanisms, handle the print queue and dispatch jobs if the printer is idle.


Image Printing (QTOPIA-1427)

The user is able to send images from Pictures to a Bluetooth printer.

vCard Printing (QTOPIA-1428)

The user is able to print vCards from Contacts.

XHTML Printing (QTOPIA-1429)

The use is able to print text files in XHTML format from Messages and Notes.

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