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User Interface: Personalization: Appearance
Functional Description

The Appearance settings application allows the user to select a color scheme, theme, font and background image.


Background Image Selection (QTOPIA-36)

The user is able to choose a background image from a set of images specified by the theme. This image is displayed in a 'faded' form behind all transparent windows (i.e. in the Launcher and in most application windows).

The image that is chosen is scaled to fit the window size whilst maintaining its aspect ratio.

Color Scheme Selection (QTOPIA-34)

The user is able to choose a color scheme from a set of schemes specified by the theme. A color scheme defines the colors used for visuals such as text and background areas. For example, a color scheme may be comprised of colors that are shades of green.

Integration with Profiles (QTOPIA-37)

Appearance settings can be associated with a Profile.

Soft Key Display Style Selection (QTOPIA-35)

The user is able to choose whether they want the soft keys to display text or icon labels.

Theme Selection (QTOPIA-33)

The user is able to select a theme to define the arrangement and appearance of the homescreen, title bar, context bar and window decorations. The theme also specifies the available color schemes and backgrounds. For more information on theming see Qtopia Theming.

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