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PIM: Productivity: Calculator
Functional Description

The Calculator provides the ability to perform fast and simple numerical calculations useful to everyday situations.


Backspace (QTOPIA-234)

Touchscreen Mode

The user interface provides a Backspace button that deletes the
last character of the current calculation.

Keypad Mode

It is possible to delete the last character of the current number as
well as entire numbers from previous calculations by using Backspace.
Holding down the Backspace button exits the calculator

Basic Operations (QTOPIA-231)

The Calculator supports the four basic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division). It uses floating point numbers with a maximum precision of 12 digits.

Touchscreen Mode

The Calculator provides a simple user interface similar to an electronic pocket calculator – a set of buttons to enter digits and arithmetic operators, and a single line numeric display.

Keypad Mode

The user is able to enter numbers using the number keys on the keypad as well as choosing one of the four operations by using the direction keys.

In addition to the direction keys the user can cycle through these operations using the # key on the keypad.

The * key provides the decimal point and pressing the Key_Select button initiates the actual calculation.

The lower half of the calculator widget provides buttons that can be used to quickly access the four main operations (Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Division), the * key and the # key. These buttons provide a visual key mapping and may be used by keypad phones that provide a touchscreen interface too.


The user can copy calculation results into the clipboard. The clipboard content can be pasted into the next calculation as well as into other input screens on the phone. The clipboard is global to all Qtopia application.

Error Messages (QTOPIA-235)

Translatable error messages (e.g. Division by zero) are displayed if
the user enters an indefinable calculation.

Memory Functions (QTOPIA-239)

The Touchscreen user interface provides memory functionality via the buttons M+, MR and MC.

The keypad user interface uses a scaled down version. The user can access memory function via Copy/Paste actions provided in the context bar.

Memory Operations (touchscreen only) (QTOPIA-233)

The user can access a single number storage via the Store(M+), Clear(MC)
and Retrieve(MR) functions.

Visual History (keypad only) (QTOPIA-232)

Calculator presents the history of previous calculations on the screen.

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