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Communications: Telephony: Call Management: Call Networks
Functional Description

Call Networks allows the user to select the phone network and configure the VoIP network to be used.


Automatic Network Selection (QTOPIA-292)

It is possible to specify automatic network selection. In automatic mode, the phone attempts to find a home operator and register if found. If the home operator is not found it searches for another network.

Band Selection (QTOPIA-7874)

It is possible to select a frequency band for different channel types in GSM.

Manual Network Selection (QTOPIA-293)

The networks from which the user can choose are listed. Selecting a different
network registers the phone with that operator.

Preferred Networks (QTOPIA-294)

It is possible to edit or update the SIM list of preferred networks.

VoIP Network Configuration (QTOPIA-295)

VoIP network configuration allows the user to register/deregister from the VoIP network and set the presence to available or unavailable.

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