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Communications: Telephony: Call Management: Call Options
Functional Description

The Call Options application allows the user to set call-related options such as call barring, call waiting, caller Id and cell broadcast.


Call Barring (QTOPIA-297)

It is possible to bar the following types of outgoing calls:

It is possible to bar the following types of incoming calls:

Call Volume (QTOPIA-7875)

It is possible to set the speaker and microphone volume used during a call.

Call Waiting (QTOPIA-298)

It is possible enable/disable call waiting for voice, data and fax.

Caller ID (QTOPIA-299)

It is possible to allow caller ID to be made available:

Cell Broadcast (QTOPIA-300)

It is possible to enable reception of cell broadcasts. The following broadcasts are supported:

Location messages are displayed on the Home Screen.
The user is able to choose a display mode between Home Screen display and pop-up window for any other messages.

Fixed Dialing (QTOPIA-301)

It is possible to allow outgoing calls to be restricted to a fixed list of numbers. It is also possible to add and remove numbers from that list.

Flip Function (QTOPIA-304)

For flip phones, the user can choose to automatically answer incoming calls by opening the phone and/or automatically hang-up calls by closing the phone.

SMS Service number (QTOPIA-302)

It is possible to allow an SMS service center number to be entered.

Voice Mail (QTOPIA-303)

It is possible to allow a voice mail number to be specified.

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