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Multimedia: Camera
Functional Description

The Camera application allows the user to take photos using an integrated camera device. The Camera application is able to view recent photos, delete photos, adjust camera settings, provide image capture services to applications and use the services of other image based applications in Qtopia.


Adjust Camera Settings (QTOPIA-310)

The user is able to adjust the capture settings of photos and to adjust the
resolution, quality and storage location of the capture.

Delete Photo (QTOPIA-309)

The user is able to delete photos taken by Camera.

Integrated Camera device (QTOPIA-311)

The device must have an integrated image sensor.

Supported Formats (QTOPIA-306)

Camera supports the JPEG image format.

Take Photo (QTOPIA-307)

The user is able to take a photo using an integrated camera and preview the
photo using the viewfinder.

VideoForLinux (QTOPIA-312)

The device must have Video4Linux version 1 or 2 driver support.

View Recent Photos (QTOPIA-308)

The user is able to quickly access and view the five most recent photos.

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