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Communications: Telephony: Dialer
Functional Description

Dialer is the interface used to create outgoing phone calls. It is integrated with the Contacts and Call History applications to make it easy to dial contacts or previous calls. Separate user interfaces are provided for the keypad and touchscreen dialers with the user able to access Dialer by typing numbers on a keypad device or pushing a button on the homescreen on a touchscreen device. On a touchscreen device Dialer also provides access to the Call History application.


Abbreviated Dialing Numbers (QTOPIA-8394)

Numbers stored on the device or SIM can be retrieved entering the address of that number into the dialer.

For example, the seventh accessible number can be retrieved using 7#

Abbreviated dialing numbers may contain wildcards, in the form of the character 'D'. When retrieved, the user is prompted to complete this number before it can be dialed.

Change of PIN (QTOPIA-2136)

The following procedure permits the user to change the PIN in the SIM:
Note that the SEND function is not used in these procedures.
An indication is given to the user showing whether this procedure was successful.

Complies with 3GPP TS 02.30-711, Section 4.6.2

Contact and Call History Look-up (QTOPIA-433)

To assist with quick-dialing Dialer is able to look-up Contact and Call History records that match the digits the user has entered.

It is also possible to associate Contact matches with a Call History record.

A contact is deemed to match the user's numerical input if any of the following rules are true:

A Call History record is deemed to match the user's input if any of the following rules are true:

Matches display as items in a list to be called the 'look-up list' with items containing the following:

If the contact was matched based on the name then the matching parts are indicated to the user.

Selecting any item in the list begins a call to its phone number.

General Phone Call Set-up (QTOPIA-432)

The dialer is accessed from the Home Screen by pressing a numerical key or tapping the dialer icon on touchscreen devices.
The user is shown the digits they have currently entered. Pressing the Delete key removes the last entered number. Pressing the Dial button dials the entered number. Pressing the Hang-up button exits the application.

Keypad Dialer User Interface (QTOPIA-436)

The Keypad Dialer user interface consists of a number of input fields and the look-up list. When the user inputs numbers the look-up list is updated to show Contacts and Call History records matching the new input.

Other Application Integration (QTOPIA-435)

The user is able to create a Message based on the number entered or a highlighted item in the look-up list.

The user is able to view a contact when an item in the look-up list is highlighted and has an associated contact.


Dialer is able to match user input with a contact's name or one of its numbers. Dialer provides the ability to create new contacts from user input. Dialer provides the ability to view the full details of matched contacts.


Dialer allows the creation of Messages based on user input, Call History record matches and/or Contact matches with a mobile phone number.

Call History

Dialer is able to match user input with a Call History record.

Saving to Contacts (QTOPIA-434)

When the user enters a phone number that is not associated with any contacts or highlights a match in the look-up list that is not associated with a contact then the user is given the option to save the number to an existing or new contact.

Touchscreen Dialer User Interface (QTOPIA-437)

A touchscreen phone will typically not have its own keypad so a number pad is provided in the user interface. The number pad provides buttons for 0-9, * and #. The * button has a sub-menu where the user can select special input such as pauses.

The user can reasonably be expected to wish to use their fingers to input a phone number into the Dialer; this is taken into account, hence the number pad's button size.

Due to the size of the number pad the look-up list can not be displayed and automatically updated on the same screen as the keypad version. The Touchscreen Dialer provides a button to access the look-up list that pops-up over the Dialer.

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