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Communications: Telephony: Emergency Calls
Functional Description


Emergency Calls (QTOPIA-509)

GSM specifications and legal regulations require that calls to emergency
numbers such as 112 and 911 must work even if there is no SIM, or the
PIN has not yet been typed in. There are also requirements on how long
from cold boot until an emergency number can be dialed.

When Qtopia detects an emergency number key sequence at the home screen,
it will immediately attempt to dial the number, even if it would normally
wait for a SIM PIN or network registration.

If Qtopia is configured with both GSM and VoIP, then it will always use
GSM to dial an emergency number. The VoIP provider is unlikely to know
what to do with such a number.

Qtopia comes standard with eight emergency numbers configured: 112,
911, 08, 000, 999, 110, 118 and 119. The first three are required by
3GPP TS 02.30
and the remainder are from 3GPP TS 22.101.

Qtopia scans the EN address book on
the SIM for additional emergency numbers, as required by
3GPP TS 02.07

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