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Functional Description


Hardware Notification (QTOPIA-572)

Qtopia relies on notification from the hardware when certain "user level" events happen, such as inserting an SD card, USB device or a PCMCIA network card. The Linux kernel abstracts these events and notifies user space applications, such as Qtopia, in a "standard" way.

In late 2.4 and all 2.6 series kernels, Linux will notify applications of certain categories of hardware events by invoking a configurable user-space process (set in /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug) as appropriate. Various Linux distributions have built up additional - often incompatible - systems of scripts around this central tenet. Additionally, kernel modules such as subfs can provide services like auto-mounting, but generally lack notification ability.

Currently Qtopia relies on system integrators to detect hardware events in an integration-specific way. Depending on the hardware type a certain mechanisms has to be used:

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