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User Interface: Help
Functional Description


Context Sensitivity (QTOPIA-589)

The user is offered context-sensitive help by selecting "Help" from context menu for help on current screen. The context "Help" item is automatically added by Qtopia to the appropriate context menus, based on widget name, widget class name, or application name.

Help Browser (QTOPIA-590)

Help is displayed by a Help Browser application which allows the user view help pages. The user is able to browse through system help pages or application specific help pages. The user is able to view help pages in rich text and navigate using hyperlinks. The user is able to jump backwards and forwards through the browser page history.


Help is presented using HTML elements. The supported HTML is the combination of:


Help includes hyperlinks. The navigation path of the user is saved in the browser page history.

History Navigation

The user is able to use the left and right keys to move forward and back through the page history.

Home Page

The user is able to jump directly to the system help home page.

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