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Enablers: Logging
Functional Description

Qtopia provides for customized logging of a range of categorized log streams.


Logging Output (QTOPIA-7686)

Logging is produced from Qtopia source code by the qLog() function. See
Categorized Logging in the reference manual.

Logging Settings (QTOPIA-697)

The source file src/libraries/qtopia/qtopialog.h controls whether log streams are always on, always off, or controlled at run-time.

The file etc/default/Trolltech/Log.conf lists all available log streams, and controls those that are configured in qtopialog.h to be run-time controlled.

Logging Settings Editor (QTOPIA-698)

For field testing, an editor is provided which allows enabling and disabling of optional log streams.

This application is not intended for production release.

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