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Messaging: Messaging Folders and Searching
Functional Description

Messaging provides folders to support organizing, managing, filtering and searching of messages.


Copy/Move Messages (QTOPIA-845)

The user may copy and move messages between local folders.

Mail List (per folder) (QTOPIA-846)

The following mail list features are available:

Search for a Message (QTOPIA-844)

It is possible to search the contents of messages. For example, if a user has a password stored in an email they received over three months ago then they are able to search for and find that message.

SQL based message store (QTOPIA-7447)

An SQL database is used to store selected message header and message folder data to allow fast and flexible message queries. To keep the database size manageable the actual messages are stored in part of the filesystem that is outside of the database. Provision is added for:

View Specific Messages (QTOPIA-843)

It is possible for a user to filter the messages viewed. For example they are able to view only messages sent by work colleagues in the current month.

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