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Messaging: MMS
Functional Description


Composition (QTOPIA-719)

MMS messages containing various media types can be composed. A message can consist of a single item of media, or multiple items arranged as an MMS SMIL slide-show of arbitrary length. SMIL slide-shows support the composition of text, image and audio elements, with configurable parameters such as slide duration and background colors. There is currently no support for video media elements.

Reply to an MMS (QTOPIA-8218)

The MMS viewer enables the user to easily reply to the currently viewed MMS message.

Retrieving MMS Messages (QTOPIA-724)

The user is notified of the arrival of an MMS message, with an audible alert. The user is presented with the option of inspecting the message immediately, or deferring viewing until a later time. If multiple new messages have arrived, the Inbox is displayed in preference to any individual message.

The Messages application can be configured to automatically download the body of a message, or to present the user with summary information, and the opportunity to download the body when suitable. An MMS message can be deleted from the Messages application without first downloading the body.

Standards Compliance (QTOPIA-718)

Qtopia MMS provides conformance with OMA MMS 1.2 for the Image Basic content class.

Transports (QTOPIA-721)

A transport abstraction layer allows integration with 3rd party WAP stacks. A sample implementation using HTTP over TCP/IP is included as a sample.

Viewing (QTOPIA-720)

The MMS viewer is able to render MMS messages containing "MMS SMIL" - a subset of "SMIL Basic" (see http://member.openmobilealliance.org/ftp/Public_documents/MWG/MMS/Permanent_documents/OMA-MMS-CONF-V1_2-20040219-C.zip). There is currently no support for video.

Viewing MMS Messages (QTOPIA-722)

The following features are provided:

Writing MMS Messages (QTOPIA-723)

The following writing-related features are provided:

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