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Enablers: SDK: Modem Simulator
Functional Description

Qtopia provides a Modem Simulator (called phonesim) to allow testing of telephony applications without the need for access to an actual modem. The simulator provides an AT command channel with responses defined by an XML description. The Modem Simulator is not designed as a total replacement for a functioning phone/modem but is a flexible and useful simulation tool.


Call Handling (QTOPIA-863)

The Modem Simulator simulates basic sending and receiving of phone calls without audio. Dialing 199 causes the simulator to hangup and then call back. Dialing 177 causes the simulator to hangup and then call back and hangup 5 seconds later. Dialing 166 causes the simulator to answer then hangup 5 second later. Dialing any other number causes the simulator to answer the call and remain connected until the user hangs up.

Modem Simulator GUI (QTOPIA-866)

The Modem Simulator provides a graphical interface for changing a subset of the configuration items on-the-fly.

SIM Addressbook (QTOPIA-865)

The Modem Simulator presents a number of SIM-stored contacts, as configured in troll.xml.

Simulate Signal Strength and Battery Level (QTOPIA-864)

The Modem Simulator reports simulated signal strength and battery level indications.

Simulated SIM Card (QTOPIA-862)

The Modem Simulator provides access to a variety of simulated SIM card functionality, including:

XML Configuration (QTOPIA-861)

Much of the Modem Simulator's behavior is configurable by modifying the troll.xml file. This file can be found in $QTOPIA_DEPOT_PATH/src/tools/phonesim/.

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