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Enablers: Operating System
Functional Description

Currently, Qtopia only supports Linux.


Display Driver (QTOPIA-1329)

Qtopia supports the standard Linux framebuffer. It is also possible to drive custom or accelerated hardware.

Keyboard Driver (QTOPIA-1331)

Qtopia supports standard keyboard drivers. It requires distinct press and release events (otherwise press-and-hold functionalities is lost). Auto-repeat can be handled by the kernel driver (in which case event timestamps must be coincident), or within Qtopia.

Tool-chain (QTOPIA-1328)

The GCC tool-chain is supported for cross-compiling. For Qtopia 4, GCC version 4.1 is recommended. High quality tool-chains will include remote debugging gdb tools.

Touchscreen Driver (QTOPIA-1330)

Qtopia supports a number of touchscreens, including those supported by tslib.

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