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Functional Description


Change Power Managment Settings (QTOPIA-7940)

The user can alter, within reasonable limits, settings that affect Power Managment for a device.

The user is able to select which mode the alteration(s) are for (on battery or on mains power) and can alter settings such as: brightness of screen, timeouts for dimming and turning off the screen, and timeout for device suspension.

Management System (QTOPIA-1408)

Power Management consists of a set of tools to facilitate changing Qtopia's power management for individual devices. It supports the following use cases:

The default power sources implementations support APM based battery information and AT modem based information ( AT+CBC) but can be extended to suit any type of power source.

The power management system uses a leveled approach. The default phone implementation supports three levels (display dimmed, backlight off, suspended). However it is possible to have any arbitrary number of levels.

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