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User Interface: Input Methods: Predictive Input
Functional Description

The Phone Key Input plug-in allows the user to input text using the 0-9, # and * keys of a phone.


Dictionary Selection (QTOPIA-1419)

The user is able to specify an alternate language to be used for
word recognition.

Direct Character Input (QTOPIA-1420)

The user is able to spell-out words that are not included in the set
of recognized words for the selected language. Words entered this way
consisting of more than two characters are added to the list of
recognized words.

Input Hinting (QTOPIA-1415)

Phone Key Input is able to take input hints from text input elements
and use the appropriate word look-ups and key to character set mappings.

Next Word (QTOPIA-1418)

The user is able change the recognized word to the next most likely

Smart Activation (QTOPIA-1414)

Phone Key Input is only active when an element that accepts text
input has focus.

Symbol Input (QTOPIA-1421)

The user is able to open a pop-up of additional symbols.

Word Recognition (QTOPIA-1416)

Phone Key Input looks-up words based on the combination of
characters for the keys entered. If more than one possible word matches
the set of characters the plug-in selects the one the user marked as
preferred, then the one more common in the language selected and finally
any remaining matched words.

Word Selection (QTOPIA-1417)

The user is able to open a pop-up of all possible word matches to
the set of characters for the keys they have pressed.

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