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Enablers: QPicture
Functional Description

QPicture is a Qt painter device that records and replays painting commands. The recordings can be saved and replayed with different painter transformations applied. This provides an efficient way to store scalable icons which have similar properties to SVG icons, but load and render much faster.


QPicture format support (QTOPIA-1484)

Scalable vector graphics are preferred in Qtopia to ensure smooth resizing to different sizes, both on individual platforms and across platforms. The source format for scalable graphics is SVG, however the cost to parse SVG graphics can be significant.

Qtopia Core supports the QPicture format which serializes Qt painting commands to a binary format. This format can be loaded and parsed much faster than SVG and preserves the ability to paint vector graphics at arbitrary sizes. Qtopia converts all SVG graphics to QPicture format during the install phase to ensure vector graphics can be loaded as quickly as possible at run time.

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