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Content: Games: Snake
Functional Description

The classic game of Snake. Eat the mice, and avoid crashing into walls or the snake's tail!


The user can start a new game when the application is opened and the game can be restarted once the game is over (QTOPIA-8015)

The user is able to:

Start a new game when the snake game is opened
Restart the game when the game is finished

User is able to play a game of snake where the objective is to eat mice without running into walls (QTOPIA-8017)

The objective of the snake game is as follows:

The snake moves around the screen under the control of the player
The snake is always moving with the exception of when the game is paused (by using the select key or opening the options menu)
Mice appear on the screen which the snake can 'eat' when the player causes the snake to pass over them
Each time the snake eats a mouse it becomes longer
The game is over when the snake runs into a wall or its own body
The score is calculated from how many mice the snake has eaten

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