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Communications: Telephony
Functional Description

Qtopia provides versatile functionality for traditional GSM telephony together with GPRS and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Qtopia telephony is integrated intuitively with the user-interface and provides the ability to choose between either GSM or VoIP when making calls to a contact with both a phone number and VoIP identifier. An enhanced telephony integration mechanism based on the VoIP integration model allows different modems and different phone-like transports , for example, SIP, to be more easily integrated. Features include: split serial port, AT chat handling and multiplexing. An improved vendor plug-in mechanism allows vendors to directly inherit AT handlers and override individual functions.

Qtopia also provides an Over-The-Air (OTA) facility that allows the network provider to send a set of network configurations to a mobile device with no user interaction required to create a working connection. A SIM Toolkit provides a user-interface to allow service providers to develop phone applications without modifying or installing software on the phone.


AT+ modem command set (QTOPIA-8032)

Qtopia implements a set of AT+ modem commands.

These are published to indicate what target modem devices are expected to support.

Each expected command must respond appropriately.

Integration with FIC Freerunner phone (QTOPIA-7493)

Qtopia provides an example device profile for the FIC GTA01 (aka Neo 1973, aka OpenMoko) and FIC GTA02 (aka Freerunner) phones.

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