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User Interface: Touchscreen Calibration
Functional Description

Where the device provides a touchscreen, Qtopia's Recalibrate application is able to calibrate the display by requesting a number of points be touched by the user. The calibration information is stored.


Recalibration (QTOPIA-1759)

It is always possible to navigate to the Recalibrate application using only the hardware keys.

Drivers are implemented as plugins for several phone development kits.
These can be built as plugins or into the QPE static binary in single execution mode.

All device specific code is contained within the particular device's device profile directory tree.
No patching of Qtopia source code is required to implement new device drivers.

When built for desktop machines (e.g. running Qtopia inside the virtual framebuffer), the Recalibrate application does not save any calibration data, but otherwise performs the same as it does on a device.

The file /etc/pointercal is used to store pointer calibration data.

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