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User Interface
Functional Description

Qtopia provides a powerful theming engine for customizing and personalizing the user-interface, together with input methods and the integration of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to provide a flexible graphic-rich environment. Qtopia's screen layout, including widget size and positioning supports extensive internationalization and is automatically adjusted for translated text and for right to left rendering. Multiple displays for items such as status, signal strength, incoming calls etc.. is provided without impacting on third-party applications. For devices providing a touchscreen, Qtopia is able to calibrate the display by requesting a number of points be touched by the user, and then store this information. Appearance settings for theme, color scheme, fonts and background settings are used to customize features such as, titles, home screen, context bars and icons and other window decorations. Sample themes are provided to reduce the time required to produce a well integrated user interface, however software developers can create new widget styles and icons to complete effects. Themed views are defined by XML files which describe a hierarchical group of visual and formatting elements. Qtopia interacts with the themed views to display items such as status information, text and animations.


Buddy Labels (QTOPIA-1825)

Assigning buddies to QLabels creates a stronger association between labels and input widgets allows more freedom in presentation of dialogs. The labels and input widgets can be highlighted together to provide a visual association.

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