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User Interface: Input Methods: Words
Functional Description

The Words application provides the user with the ability to look-up, add, remove and specify preferred words to be used by the device in everyday communication.

Changes made to the dictionaries through the Words application are reflected when the predictive text and full-screen input methods are used. The Words application is also updated when words are added by an input method.


Adding Words (QTOPIA-1957)

The user is able to add new words to the dictionary.

Dictionaries (QTOPIA-1962)

Words requires dictionaries for the languages in use.

Input Method Integration (QTOPIA-1961)

When the user indicates a word preference or adds or removes a word from the
application the change is reflected in the predictive text input method.

Language-specific Dictionaries (QTOPIA-1956)

When the user utilizes a language for input the Words application displays
the words provided by the dictionary for that language.

Multiple Dictionaries (QTOPIA-1955)

Words facilitates the use of simultaneous multiple dictionaries,
allowing the user to view, add and remove words from each. This functionality
also allows multilingual users to use multiple language dictionaries

Preferring Words (QTOPIA-1959)

When an entered numeric value is associated with a number of words the user
is able to change the preferred word from the list. This assists the
user when entering text using the predictive text input method.

Removing Words (QTOPIA-1958)

The user is able to remove words from the dictionary.

Restoring Removed Words (QTOPIA-1960)

The user is able to restore words that have been removed from the
dictionaries provided.

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