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Utilities: Time: World Time
Functional Description

The World Time application allows the user to see what the current day and time is in other cities around the world. The day and time for up to six cities can be stored for easy look-up both in World Time and in applications accessing time zone information.


Navigation (QTOPIA-1968)

The user is able to select cities on the map using either the directional keys or, for a touchscreen device, tapping the desired location on the map.

The user is also able to show or hide the time for different selected cities.

Reference cities (QTOPIA-1969)

The user is able to store up to six cities for easy look-up and use in
other applications accessing time zone information.

World Map (QTOPIA-1967)

A map of the world is displayed showing the current city. The map also shows which parts of the world are currently in daylight and darkness.

Zooming (QTOPIA-1970)

The user is able to zoom in the world map to aid in selecting cities.

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