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Getting Started

Welcome to Qtopia! This document provides information about how to download and install Qtopia products. If you are uncertain about which package is required please refer to:

If you have any further questions regarding the Qtopia product to best meet your requirements, please contact us at: qt-sales@nokia.com.

How to Obtain Qtopia Products

Trolltech provides both licensed and open-source editions of Qtopia. Details of how to obtain these editions is provided below. For specific licensing information please refer to: Qtopia Licensing.

Open-source Editions

Qtopia packages for the Open Source community can be downloaded from: http://qtextended.org.

Licensed Editions

After becoming a Qtopia customer an email will be sent from qt-sales@nokia.com confirming your license details. The details include:

Once you have received these details login to the FTP site using any browser and download the packages. Depending on your license the FTP site provides either a:

The FTP directory is available for the full duration of the contract, and will be updated regularly with new releases. Customers are notified via email about each new release that is relevant to their account.

Note: The FTP site may also provide access to other files such as various Qt versions, snapshots of packages, language packages and much more, however, this document refers only to the Qtopia specific-files available on the FTP site.

Package Naming Conventions

The FTP download directory contains multiple packages and at first it may be unclear which packages are required. Depending on the type of license you have, one or more of the following packages is needed:

qtopia-[edition]-[commercial|opensource]-src-[x.y.z].tar.gzFull source package: this package contains all sources to build Qtopia, including the prerequisite source for Qt.
qtopia-device-[devicename]-src-[x.y.z].tar.gzDevice source package: this package contains additional sources that are required to build Qtopia for a specific device. A device package is installed 'on top' of the Qtopia source package. Multiple device packages can be installed. Note that a number of device profiles are shipped in the standard source packages.
qtopia-language-[languagename]-[x.y.z].tar.gzLanguage package: this package contains translations for a specific language. A language package is installed 'on top' of the Qtopia source package. Multiple language packages can be installed.
qtopia-[thirdparty-addon]-[commercial|opensource]-src-[x.y.z].tar.gzThirdparty add-on source package: this package contains sources for a thirdparty add-on module that can be used to enhance Qtopia. A thirdparty add-on package is installed 'on top' of the Qtopia source package. Multiple add-on packages can be installed.
qtopia-[devicename]-sdk-[x.y.z].iso Software Development Kit (SDK) package: this package contains a combination of pre-built binaries and library header files. The iso package can be burned onto a CD and can then be installed on Windows and/or Linux operating systems. The SDK runs inside a VmPlayer environment.

Installing and Building Qtopia

Once the required package has been downloaded the package can be installed. The following links provide all the information required to install, build and run Qtopia:

  1. Guide to Configuring and Building Qtopia
  2. Installing a Qtopia SDK
  3. Additional Tools
  4. Running Qtopia

More information

For further Qtopia information refer to:

  1. Latest Qtopia Reference Documentation
  2. FAQs.

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