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These classes provide interfaces to hardware.

QBootSourceAccessoryInterface for querying the event which triggered the last boot sequence
QBootSourceAccessoryProviderInterface for integrating device specific boot source detection code into Qtopia
QCommDeviceControllerFacilities to control the power state of a hardware communications device
QCommDeviceSessionFacilities to initiate a device session
QDeviceIndicatorsAllows applications to query, enable and disable indicator lights on a device
QHardwareInterfaceThe base class of all accessory classes
QHardwareManagerFinds available accessory providers for a given hardware interface
QKeypadLightAccessoryAccess to the keypad light on a phone
QKeypadLightAccessoryProviderInterface for keypad light devices to integrate into Qtopia
QPowerSourceAccess to information about power sources on the device
QPowerSourceProviderInterface for power sources to integrate into Qtopia
QPowerStatusSimplified interface to the device's primary power sources
QSignalSourceAccess to information about signal sources on devices
QSignalSourceProviderInterface for signal sources to integrate into Qtopia
QVibrateAccessoryAccess to the vibrate device on a phone
QVibrateAccessoryProviderInterface for vibrate devices to integrate into Qtopia

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