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InputMethodSelector Class Reference

The InputMethodSelector class Provides the user-visible aspects of the Input Method system. More...

    #include <InputMethodSelector>

Inherits QWidget.

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Detailed Description

The InputMethodSelector class Provides the user-visible aspects of the Input Method system.

The InputMethodSelector owns the button used to toggle the current input method and to show the current input methods state when the current input method supports those functions. It also provides the list of input methods, and the button to support them.

These features are provided by a QWidget which is positioned by the theme, usually in the title bar at the top of the screen. See Theming - Known Elements for more detail.

The Input method selector also controls showing and hiding the current input method, and switching between the available input methods, although this functionality is accessible through the main InputMethods class as well.

Finally, the InputMethodSelector manipulates the value space on behalf of the current input method to facilitate entries in the QMenu for the QSoftMenuBar for the current input method.

See also InputMethods and Theming - Known Elements.

Member Function Documentation

InputMethodSelector::InputMethodSelector ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Constructs a new InputMethodSelector widget with parent.

InputMethodSelector::~InputMethodSelector ()

Destroys and cleans up this InputMethodSelector

void InputMethodSelector::activateCurrent ( bool on )   [slot]

Turns the current input method on if on is true, or off if it is false.

void InputMethodSelector::activated ( QtopiaInputMethod * im )   [signal]

This signal is emitted to notify the InputMethods object that im should be activated.

void InputMethodSelector::add ( QtopiaInputMethod * im )

Add im to this InputMethodSelector.

If this is the first or the default input method, this will cause it to become the current input method and become active.

If this is the second input method added, this will activate the drop-down input-method selection QToolButton, making the input methods available to users via the drop-down input method list.

Subsequent input methods added with this function are also added to this list.

void InputMethodSelector::clear ()

Deactivates and hides the current input method, and then sets no current input method.

uint InputMethodSelector::count () const

Returns the number of input methods that have been added to the InputMethodSelector.

QtopiaInputMethod * InputMethodSelector::current () const   [slot]

Returns a pointer to the current input method.

void InputMethodSelector::inputWidgetShown ( bool shown )   [signal]

This signal is emitted when the visible state of the inputWidget is toggled. shown reflects the new state of the widget, true if the widget is being shown, false if it is being hidden.

void InputMethodSelector::refreshIMMenuAction ()   [slot]

If actions have been added to the softmenu on behalf of an IM, make sure they are up to date.

See also QtopiaInputMethod::stateChanged().

void InputMethodSelector::setHint ( const QString & hint, bool restricted )

Set hint for all input methods. If restricted is true the input method is restricted to the specified mode.

void InputMethodSelector::setInputMethod ( const QString & name )

Selects the input method named name if it exists.

void InputMethodSelector::setInputMethod ( QtopiaInputMethod * method )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Set the current input method to method and activate it.

See also activated().

void InputMethodSelector::setNextInputMethod ()

Cycle to the next input method.

void InputMethodSelector::showChoice ( bool on )   [slot]

Shows the input method selector choice button if on is true, otherwise hides it.

void InputMethodSelector::showList ()   [slot]

Shows the list of input methods modally, relative to the choice QToolButton, and activates the selected input method, if any.

void InputMethodSelector::sort ()

Sorts the loaded input methods alphabetically by name.

void InputMethodSelector::updateIMMenuAction ( bool addToMenu )   [slot]

A helper function for supporting input method menu QActions. Removes the current IM's QAction from all menus. If addToMenu is true, adds the QAction to the current focus widgets Menu.

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