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File I/O and Networking

These classes are used to handle input and output to and from external devices, processes, files etc. as well as manipulating files and directories.

QNetworkConnection::IdentityIdentifier for a network connection
QFileMonitorAllows applications to asynchronously monitor files for changes
QFileSystemDescribes a single mount point
QFileSystemFilterUsed to restrict the available filesystems returned from QStorageMetaInfo
QMimeTypeMIME type information
QNetworkConnectionMonitoring of network connections
QNetworkConnectionManagerAllows applications to receive notifications when network connections are added and/or removed from Qtopia
QNetworkDeviceInformation about the connectivity state of a network device
QNetworkStateVery generic information about the connectivity state of the Qtopia device
QNullSerialIODeviceNull implementation of serial device functionality
QNullSerialIODeviceMultiplexerNull implementation of multiplexing
QPacketEncapsulates an unfragmentable packet of data to be transmitted by QPacketProtocol
QPacketProtocolEncapsulates communicating discrete packets across fragmented IO channels, such as TCP sockets
QPhoneProfileEncapsulates a single phone profile configuration
QPhoneProfileManagerAllows applications to control phone profiles
QSerialIODeviceThe base for all serial devices
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerBase class for serial device multiplexing on AT-based modems
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginDefines a base class for implementing multiplexing plugins
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterfaceDefines the interface to multiplexing plugins
QSerialPortSimple serial device interface
QSerialSocketSerial port abstraction via a TCP socket
QSerialSocketServerServer to handle incoming serial-over-sockets connections
QStorageDeviceSelectorDisplays a list of available storage locations
QStorageMetaInfoDescribes the disks mounted on the file system
QTranslatableSettingsPersistent application settings that can be translated
QVPNClientAbstracts data and state of a virtual private network
QVPNFactoryCreates QVPNClient instances
QWapAccountWrapper around configuration files for WAP accounts
QtopiaNetworkFunctions for starting/stopping of network devices/interfaces
QtopiaNetworkConfigurationDefines the interface to network interface configurations
QtopiaNetworkFactoryIfaceDefines the interface to network plug-ins
QtopiaNetworkInterfaceDescribes the minimum interface that a network plug-in must provide
QtopiaNetworkPluginAbstract base class for all network plug-ins
QtopiaNetworkPropertiesReflects the content of a network interface configuration
QPhoneProfile::ScheduleProvided information on timed auto-activation of a profile
QPhoneProfile::SettingApplications with a mechanism to add their own settings to a profile
QAbstractFileEngineAbstraction for accessing the filesystem
QAbstractFileEngineHandlerWay to register custom file engines with your application
QAbstractSocketThe base functionality common to all socket types
QAuthenticatorAuthentication object
QBufferQIODevice interface for a QByteArray
QClipboardAccess to the window system clipboard
QDataStreamSerialization of binary data to a QIODevice
QDirAccess to directory structures and their contents
QFileInterface for reading from and writing to files
QFileInfoSystem-independent file information
QFileSystemWatcherInterface for monitoring files and directories for modifications
QFtpImplementation of the client side of FTP protocol
QHostAddressIP address
QHostInfoStatic functions for host name lookups
QHttpImplementation of the HTTP protocol
QHttpHeaderContains header information for HTTP
QHttpRequestHeaderContains request header information for HTTP
QHttpResponseHeaderContains response header information for HTTP
QIODeviceThe base interface class of all I/O devices in Qt
QImageReaderFormat independent interface for reading images from files or other devices
QImageWriterFormat independent interface for writing images to files or other devices
QMacPasteboardMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Mac flavors
QNetworkAddressEntryStores one IP address supported by a network interface, along with its associated netmask and broadcast address
QNetworkInterfaceListing of the host's IP addresses and network interfaces
QNetworkProxyNetwork layer proxy
QPictureIOContains parameters for loading and saving pictures
QProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
QResourceInterface for reading directly from resources
QSettingsPersistent platform-independent application settings
QSignalMapperBundles signals from identifiable senders
QSocketNotifierSupport for monitoring activity on a file descriptor
QSslDeclares enums common to all SSL classes in QtNetwork
QSslCertificateConvenient API for an X509 certificate
QSslCipherRepresents an SSL cryptographic cipher
QSslErrorSSL error
QSslKeyInterface for private and public keys
QSslSocketSSL encrypted socket for both clients and servers
QTcpServerTCP-based server
QTcpSocketTCP socket
QTemporaryFileI/O device that operates on temporary files
QTextIStreamConvenience class for input streams
QTextOStreamConvenience class for output streams
QTextStreamConvenient interface for reading and writing text
QUdpSocketUDP socket
QUrlConvenient interface for working with URLs
QUrlInfoStores information about URLs
QWindowsMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats

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